Monday, February 28, 2011

Brat Rear Discs Conversion

RAYBESTOS # WK2019 is the correct caliper repair kit for these fine rear disc brakes. It's a 38mm piston, for reference. I kept ordering the wrong size, getting large boots. Installing the new boots was a bit tricky, but thanks to a tip from Bob Hanstra, I was able to get them on. He suggested to take a strip of plastic cut from a small bottle, and then roll it up tight and insert it into the boot. Then use the plastic to spread the boot out wide enough for the piston to drop in. Then remove the boot. An excellent solution. The swap is pretty cake, although the hydraulic hard lines tend to be pretty stuck in place. For sure use a flare nut wrench instead of a regular open end wrench, and even then, I couldn't get the line off the hub side. I had to remove it from the flexible line up top, and then slide a 6 point box end wrench all the way down the hard line to get it removed.
It's fun to stomp on the brakes now, this thing really stops much better now, although I still should put some sort of regulation of the pressure for the rear, because the discs back there seem to be doing most the stopping. Perhaps because it's a truck with no weight in the back, but I can skid those back tires pretty good if I stomp on the pedal emergency stop hard. It is fun to squeal your tires, and since I've got 78 hp I'm not doing too much squealing under power.

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