Saturday, May 28, 2011

Illinois and back

The Brat's speedometer has been getting howlingly loud recently, and on my way back from Illinois is stopped working. I assume that either the cable has broken (unlikely) or that the little magnets that spin the needle have worn out from inadvertent contact with something. Either way, the quiet is nice now, but I would like to have my speedometer back. I suppose I'll take it open sometime this summer, but we have quite a bit coming up, so perhaps it will wait until later. I have also discovered what I think might be the source of my coolant leak. My wife noticed that there was a little tiny part of the windshield that was always fogged up right next to the dash. Upon inspection, it looks like a little bit of coolant is evaporating out of the dash onto the windshield. Must be the lines that run to the heater core, which never was that hot. When I pull the gauge cluster, I'll probably replace the coolant lines and clean out the heater core. I got some white bed liner that I intend to install in the Brat bed this weekend, I hope it will help protect it from rain and rust. I didn't want the black liner, but I'm not sold that the white will look good. We will find out!