Saturday, March 9, 2013

GL10: Organ donor

I got a GL10 from a good friend, and today I removed everything I wanted.  I plan to use the 5 speed FT4WD transmission in my Brat, due to the taller gear ratio.  The 82 brat had a ridiculous low gearing, so it does not like to go 70.  They changed the gear ratio starting in 83, so I'm doing myself a favor.  It will be sweet to have full time 4wd, the car seems to accelerate and track better in 4wd, but because it was real 4wd I couldn't use it on dry pavement.  The FT4WD was made for pavement, and the best part, it has a vacuum operated locking center differential, so I can still have real 4wheel drive for off road.  Hooray!  Now I need to dispose of this car!  It was a shame to take it apart, it was in pretty good shape, but no paperwork and a crappy turbo engine mean it is going to a better place to let my Brat live a better life.