Saturday, March 9, 2013

GL10: Organ donor

I got a GL10 from a good friend, and today I removed everything I wanted.  I plan to use the 5 speed FT4WD transmission in my Brat, due to the taller gear ratio.  The 82 brat had a ridiculous low gearing, so it does not like to go 70.  They changed the gear ratio starting in 83, so I'm doing myself a favor.  It will be sweet to have full time 4wd, the car seems to accelerate and track better in 4wd, but because it was real 4wd I couldn't use it on dry pavement.  The FT4WD was made for pavement, and the best part, it has a vacuum operated locking center differential, so I can still have real 4wheel drive for off road.  Hooray!  Now I need to dispose of this car!  It was a shame to take it apart, it was in pretty good shape, but no paperwork and a crappy turbo engine mean it is going to a better place to let my Brat live a better life. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Subaru plaid seat recover

I'm finally getting around to seat rebuilding and recovering.  My skills at seat recovering have become acceptable on moped seats, so I'm going to give this a shot.  Speaking of shot, the foam in these seats is crap, so I'll be cutting new foam, which is going to make my usual method of making a pattern of the old seat cover less effective because the foam will be different.  I am trying to find a good plaid fabric to do the inserts with, I think I've got a hold of some on Ebay that should work out.  JoAnne's fabrics didn't have any that I liked, and we have no trim shop in Lafayette, so I might end up getting foam from JoAnne's.  The springs seem very springy still and look to be in good shape, I don't think I need to replace them, but I might add one or two more to help get rid of sag.