Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brat Camper

I was driving up to Goshen the other day, and began day dreaming of a camper shell that extended over the roof of the brat to the front windshield. It would be very tall, and be finished on the inside like a set-in-bed truck camper. The exciting thing would be in addition to the rear door, you would remove the passenger t-top from the BRAT before putting the camper on, and it would clamp down into the spot where the t-tops where, and you would have an access hole up into the camper. You passenger could even stand up in the seat and stretch while you were driving. I was poking around and found some pictures of the Subaru "truck" model in Scotland. Lo-and-behold, the best topper ever made for a Subaru BRAT. All the great stuff never came to America, I'm pretty convinced. This isn't exactly what I had dreamed, but ITS REALLY REALLY CLOSE!!!! I'd love to have it, but unfortunately the owner doesn't want to ship it, and it's a bit farther than reasonable driving distance.


  1. you can totally make one of those. wood and fiberglass shell. dunzo.

  2. I have seen someone construct a fullsize camper out of wood and cover it in fiberglass. But to save on wait it would be great to build the frame out of aluminum!! My very first car was a Subaru Brat and I'm sorry I ever sold it--I would love to have another one-what I don't get though is I saw the mpg advertised for an 85' at 18 city and 22 highway-I can't remember what year mine was but I got 30 mpg. on a trip with it loaded down with camping gear for 20 people.