Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Interior & Trunk Space

I got my new seat covers on. I had pulled the seats out and disassembled them for a better installation of the covers, but they went on pretty easy, and I'm pleased with them. I got them from

They are custom fit for the brat seats and seem to fit real snug, I also got the pockets on the back for maps and what not. The interior has been vacuumed out and I got some navy blue floor mats which work well, were cheap, and also cover the big tear in the drivers side carpet. I put on a sweet lace up steering wheel cover, as I had decided to use only "old" accessories in this car. The heat is a little bit lacking when I'm going 75 down the interstate, it just can't keep up with the cold weather. I might try giving the old unit a flush once it warms up above freezing. I took the Brat to Ohio the other day, making 360 miles total, mostly highway at 60mph. This car was made to cruise the state roads of Indiana. It grips the road well and loves to go 60 and haul mopeds. I got 27mpg on that trip even with a truck load of mopeds and my wife riding shotgun.

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