Friday, December 17, 2010

Forward Progress

The Brat towed behind the moving truck without too much fuss. You could hardly tell it was behind, this little truck is wonderful. I got a few scratches and a heck of a lot of dirt on the car from the trip, but not too bad. I pulled the passenger seat out today and installed a new horseblanket seat cover, I'll get some pictures up shortly. I also installed my new lock in the drivers door, reattached the lever for the exterior handle which had come loose in transit, and lubricated all the linkage in the door and the regulator. That window goes up and down so easy, and the door practically falls open when you just look at the handle. It made me realize that I can actually get this car into very clean and functional condition. I'm excited to have a car that doesn't drive like a 30 year old one.

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