Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jump Seats & Tune up

I put in new plugs and wires in the Brat. I love NGK products, and Japanese made things love NGK. Also of note, Brat plugs are almost identical to most moped plugs. It really is a big moped. So my jump seats where not installed when I got the brat. Apparently they are welded in from the factory, and the head rests are bolted to the back of the cab, independent of the seats. I wanted to be able to pull the seats in and out easily, and after thinking about some quick release pins, I decided that bolts down would be best so they could pull out and leave everything flush. I drilled the frame and the bed, then welded two nuts onto a piece of flat steel, so that they wouldn't pull through the bed, which is kind of on the thin side. I also attached the head rests to the seat brackets, so they come out with the seats at the same time. The flat steel gets tack welded to the bottom of the bed, so one guy can turn the bolts in and out easily. The seats are in and look great. I need to get some seat belts in there now, I think I might go for airplane style quick release latches.

I didn't realize how many people know about Subaru Brat. I keep getting thumbs up and "that's my dream car" from people. That's right. I'm living the dream.

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